Introduction of new products to the market

The company Scan Anida has extended its product range and introduced 2 new products to the market for treatment of pediculosis capitis: the treatment shampoo SORA FORTE and the preventive spray SORA LOTION.

The treatment shampoo SORA FORTE is an effective product against pediculosis to be used for treatment of adults and children. Main advantages of the products include: high effectiveness, quick effects and comfortable use. The last feature of the product is particularly important in combating children’s pediculosis – to get rid of the problem it is enough to wait just 10 minutes from the application of the shampoo, and then rinse the hair. As regards pediculosis prevention is just as important as treatment. With this in mind, the company Scan Anida introduced to the market a preventive spray SORA LOTION. SORA LOTION soothes irritated scalp and prevents recurrence, frequent in the case of pediculosis, as it can be contracted by wearing the same head covers, using the same combs or brushes. Elevated risk of occurrence is present especially in highly populated areas, i.e.: kindergartens, schools, boarding houses, summer camps.

After the treatment with the SORA FORTE shampoo it is recommended to use the SORA LOTION regularly.

Pediculosis is a condition that cannot be neglected, as it can even cause swelling of the lymph nodes in the head area.

Those products can be purchased without prescription in every drugstore.

More information about the products, symptoms and treatment of pediculosis is available at the website: