Together with the service we have prepared a contest for you with wonderful prizes; to win them just go to the comments under the article at the following link and write: How do you take care of your feet? The competition ends on 15th June.

5 persons to add the most interesting comments will receive a foot care set and a towel.

These are the prizes:

A large towel with the Acerin logo + body washing gel 400 ml + one of the following products:

  • Acerin Antiperspirant Foot Protect spray
  • Acerin Antiperspirant Forte atomizer
  • Acerin Perspirant cream
  • Acerin Talc spray
  • Acerin Komfort spray

Additionally, the sponsor has envisaged 10 consolation prizes: tester sets of cosmetics – creams of 20 ml each:

  • Acerin Intensive cream
  • Acerin Cool Relax cream
  • Acerin Perspirant cream

The sponsor will send the prizes within 7 days from announcement of the results. The results will be announced on 18th June of this year.