Hand care


Hands play a vital role in a woman’s life, as they suggest good breeding and are one of the most visible attributes of beauty. Their appearance provides information about our temperament, personality, health and lifestyle.

Due to the progress of civilisation and industrial growth, the delicate skin of your hands is continually endangered by many harmful external factors. These factors include injuries as well as contact with detergents and chlorinated water. More often than not, the epidermis is exposed to highly aggressive chemical substances contained in washing or bleaching products. All of these factors, combined with sudden temperature changes, dry air, wind and UV radiation, lead to premature ageing of your hands.



The skin of your hands is particularly fragile because it is not lined with adipose tissue. It has almost no oil glands but is rich in sweat glands, because of which the amount of sebum (the oily substance secreted by oil glands, which forms a thin layer on the skin, thus providing it with essential moisture and flexibility) is much smaller than in other areas of the body. Consequently, the epidermis is much less capable of maintaining the optimal moisture level. If it lacks water, the skin becomes hard and rough and ages prematurely. That is why the skin of your hands needs intensive moisturising and regeneration, especially if it is exposed to harmful external factors.

If you want to protect the beauty of your hands, it is essential not only to use hand care products but also to pay attention to hand hygiene. Lesions of the epidermis may become a port of entry for bacteria and other pathogenic factors. Avoid chlorinated water and aggressive chemical agents, which dry your skin. They destroy its natural protective barrier so that the skin becomes rough and develops fissures.

It is extremely easy to provide your hands and nails with the care they need every day. Follow good hygiene practices: wash your hands with warm water and soap and dry them. Then use one of ANIDA’s creams: Aloe Vera Soothing Cream, Skin Smoothing Cream with lemon extract or Vitamin Nourishing Cream. You’ll make the most of the nourishing properties of vitamins if you regularly use the Vitamin Nourishing Cream as a hand mask.

Cracked skin is by far the most frequent hand condition, which occurs when the skin is over-dried. Another reason may be vitamin A deficiency. Apart from using cream regularly, it helps to cover your hands with ACERIN LAVENDI, especially if you apply a thick layer before you go to sleep and leave it overnight.

Another common hand condition is excessive sweating, which can be quite embarrassing. To effectively counteract this problem, use ACERIN PERSPIRANT Day Cream.

The most frequent nail irregularities include: splitting, white spots, and vertical or transverse ridges. These conditions result primarily from vitamin and mineral deficiencies, metabolic diseases, diseases of internal organs, but also from external factors, such as humidity, temperature or the type of job you do.

In order to strengthen the nail plate, use our Flax Flower Hand and Nail Cream with keratin and linseed oil. You can also strengthen it from the inside by using vitamin preparations. A common method to improve the appearance of your nails is to soak them in warm olive oil. ANIDA’s Olive Oil Hand and Nail Cream will be no less efficient.