Foot hyperhidrosis

Excessive sweating of feet is a nuisance to everyone – both to the person who suffers from the condition and to the people around them. The skin of the foot has absolutely no oil glands but is rich in sweat  glands, whose number is especially big when we are young and therefore it is young people who are particularly prone to foot hyperhidrosis. The condition causes discomfort, because of smelly feet, but also leads to athlete’s foot. Sweat may expose your skin to bacteria and fungi, which cause various foot diseases. That’s why it is essential to wash your feet several times a day, especially in the summer. It is also necessary to use antiperspirant sprays and make sure that your socks and footwear are made of natural air-permeable material. Because the number of sweat glands diminishes with age, elderly people tend to suffer from over-dry foot skin, which, in turn, leads to the appearance of calluses or horny epidermis, which cracks, causing pain.



There’s no solution as effective as ACERIN PERSPIRANT Cream. It reduces perspiration and is extremely pleasant to use. It keeps your feet fresh and dry throughout the day and at the same time cares for your skin, providing it with moisture it needs.

ACERIN PERSPIRANT Spray works in a similar way. It offers perfect protection from excessive sweating and athlete’s foot, leaving tour feet fresh and scented. It guarantees effectiveness, protection and comfort throughout the day.

For those who do not suffer from hyperhidrosis but want to prevent rather than treat excessive sweating, we recommend ACERIN TALC Spray. It contains talc, which delicately dries your feet, tea tree oil, which combats athlete’s foot, and menthol, which leaves the skin fresh and pleasantly cool.

ACERIN FUNGI Cream and ACERIN FUNGI Spray is an excellent product that supplements athlete’s foot prevention. Thanks to N-cetylpyridinium chloride and triclosan, it prevents the development of bacteria and fungi and is therefore highly recommended to sportsmen and people who use public swimming pools and other public facilities.

We also recommend ACERIN KOMFORT Spray, which eliminates bad smell and protects from bacteria and athlete’s foot. It effectively cares for your feet and keeps your footwear fresh and scented.

To quickly freshen up your feet, use our ACERIN SPORT ACTIVE, which effectively combats bad smell and gives you the comfort of sea breeze.