Foot care

Each day your feet are exposed to unfavourable conditions, cover many kilometres and carry your whole body. In addition, because of uncomfortable, non-air permeable footwear, socks and tights, your feet become tired and sweaty.  If you don’t provide them with enough care, they will fail you.

Walking is the best exercise you can get. It has a favourable effect on your general condition: improves circulation, prevents overweight and raises your spirits.  It is especially beneficial to walk barefoot. Your daily portion of simple exercise should include: walking on tiptoes, heels and the outside ridges of your feet, wriggling your toes, and making circular movements with your feet.

Every day find a few moments to maintain good hygiene. Give your feet more care and attention. Use special creams, sprays, tonics and conditioners. ANIDA offers solutions to various foot problems. Use  our products and take our advice.


Wash your feet under running water, making sure it is not too hot. Once you have washed them, dry them thoroughly with a soft towel, especially in between toes.

Pedicure is the basic care of your feet. To begin with, soak them in warm water with an addition of special salt or liquid for about 10 mins. Using a pumice stone or a scrapper, remove roughened epidermis from the heels. Dry your feet thoroughly. Cut your toe nails straight across. Use a wooden spatula to remove the cuticles. In the case of  persistent corns and hardened skin, ACERIN Corns and Hardened Skin Remover is an indispensable solution. Using the brush, apply it precisely on the hardened areas, but not on the healthy skin. Repeat the procedure several times, then soak your feet in water and remove the corns.

Once you have removed the hardened epidermis, use ACERIN LAVENDI Cracked Heels Cream. Not only does it restore the beauty of your feet, but also helps to get rid of skin fissures. It brings immediate relief to dry, chapped or cracked foot skin as well as perfectly regenerates and moisturises irritated epidermis.

To treat deep skin fissures, we recommend a new liquid formula – ACERIN PROTECT Cracked Feet and Hands Solution. All kinds of fissures and abrasions can be easily covered with the fluid, which forms a flexible, well-attached film on the skin. It works like a band aid, prevents the lesions from contamination and accelerates the healing and regeneration of the skin.


Foot massage has a very favourable effect on the whole organism. Apply ACERIN FRESH or ACERIN INTENSIVE cream for dry and rough skin on clean feet. Then, using the thumb and the index finger, massage the foot with circular movements, beginning with the base of each toe. Other foot relaxation techniques include stroking the foot with your hand, pressing, and rubbing or tapping the sole by means of a bristle brush.

After massage, it is good to rest for about 10 mins with your feet raised. This improves circulation and prevents varicose veins.


Moisturising is what your skin and feet need most. Good balms and creams protect the skin from overdrying, soften it and maintain the appropriate level of moisture in the epidermis. ACERIN FRESH, prepared specially for hard and dry skin, is a perfect answer to this need.  Thanks to its light consistency, the cream absorbs immediately into the skin, leaving it supple, smooth and moisturised.