Cracked heels

Cracked heels is an exceptionally painful condition, which can be quite a nuisance. Usually it results from lack of vitamins and excessive roughening of epidermis.

Other causes include wearing stiff shoes and lack of proper care or hygiene. To treat cracked heels use pumice stone daily when washing your feet and apply exfoliating creams on the affected area. Every week soak your feet in a softening bath with an addition of special bath salts or in a herbal mixture with an addition of starch and linseed.



In order to effectively treat cracked heel skin, use ACERIN LAVENDI cream, which alleviates pain and brings the skin back to its optimum moisture level. It brings immediate relief to dry and chapped skin, soothes irritation and stimulates renewal of the epidermis. This antiseptic cream guarantees effective long-lasting protection and helps combat the causes of the infection.

There may be many reasons for extensive hardening and cracking of the skin. The outermost layer – the stratum corneum – forms a natural protective barrier against biological, chemical, physical and mechanical stimuli. The skin reacts immediately to any external stress factors. Pressure and friction from inappropriate footwear lead to an overgrowth of skin cells and, as a result,  a hard growth of the stratum corneum. This reaction may lead to serious conditions. Deep fissures are very painful and may cause infections.

A good way to protect such fissures is to use ACERIN PROTECT Cracked Heels Solution. When applied on the affected area, it dries to form a flexible film, which protects the fissures from external factors. The skin regenerates quickly and the fissures heal. The product may be used both to treat and to prevent the condition.