Ill-fitting footwear (both too tight and too loose), high-heeled shoes and overstretched tights are among the most basic sources of foot problems. It is essential to choose appropriate footwear: buy it in the afternoon because your feet tend to swell slightly as the day progresses. Try on both shoes, as most people have one foot larger than the other.

Corns – small painful areas of thickened epidermis – are one of the most troublesome foot conditions.  The horny layer, which cannot be separated from the skin, produces a core, which goes deep into the skin. Corns usually occur on the top of the toes and at the sole of the foot.

Calluses are another condition caused by prolonged pressure from shoes. A callus is a localised excessive roughening of the skin, which appears mostly at the sole of the foot. Calluses are flatter and bigger than corns. They do not go into the skin but form flat hard surfaces, which feel numb. Generally speaking, their treatment consists in applying softening plasters, fluids or ointments, thanks to which corns and calluses can be removed mechanically. However, it is vital to choose comfortable footwear after the treatment has been completed – otherwise the condition will reappear.

One of the most effective products used in corn treatment is ACERIN Corn and Rough Skin Remover. Thanks to a brush applicator, it can be precisely applied even on the smallest of corns. When dry, it leaves a white film on the skin. It is very effective in treating corns which appear between toes and in other places which are hard to reach.