Medicinal products

Products against pediculosis, corns

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Foot care

Foot creams and deodorants

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Hand care

Hand creams, anti-bacterial gels

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Body care

Creams, lotions, butters, peelings, washing gels

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Breath fresheners

Sprays preventing unpleasant smell

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Ostatnio w Scan-Anida

  • Foot care

    Each day your feet are exposed to unfavourable conditions, cover many kilometres and carry your whole body. In addition, because of uncomfortable, non-air permeable footwear, socks and tights, your feet become tired and sweaty.  If …Czytaj więcej »
  • Hand care

    HAND CARE Hands play a vital role in a woman’s life, as they suggest good breeding and are one of the most visible attributes of beauty. Their appearance provides information about our temperament, personality, health …Czytaj więcej »
  • Athlete’s foot

    SYMPTOMS Fungal infections are among the most frequent skin diseases, with athlete’s foot being the most common. It affects areas between toes, the top of the foot, the sole, and the heels. The disease is …Czytaj więcej »